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Square Universal paver kits - CROSSFIRE Brass Burner 240K BTUs, Aluminum Plate 35", Flex Line Kit, Key, Key Valve, Key Valve Extension, and Universal Flexible Installation Collars


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Product Details

Warming Trends UPK Match Light Universal Paver Kit offers one of the most unique and innovative gas fire pit burner systems available. The heavy duty brass construction ensures an exceptionally high quality product that's designed for long lasting use outdoors, while the unique Crossfire™ burner system features an innovative design that combines a specific air to gas mixture ratio to produce a taller, brighter flame. Intended for use with either propane or natural gas, these burners use close to half the fuel of conventional gas burners because of the unique regulation system. Available in a range of sizes and BTU ratings, the Crossfire™ burner offers a corrosion resistant product backed by a full lifetime warranty. This match light style burner kit includes everything you need to install the system in a paver block enclosure. This universal paver kit provides a complete backyard fire pit kit system. This universal paver kit can be purchased in a variety of burner sizes to accommodate your needs. In addition, paver kits are available for round, square, and rectangular enclosures to offer you greater flexibility when choosing your fire pit system. Each kit includes a Warming Trends Crossfire™ burner, round, square, or rectangular aluminum plate, flex line kit, key valve extension tube, and adjustable installation collars.


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