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Summerset ALT30 Alturi Series Built-In Gas Grill, 30-Inch

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$ 4,605.00 USD

Product Details

Summerset ALT30 Alturi Series Built-In Gas Grill, 30-Inch combines superior quality and high end performance to provide a terrific option to complete your outdoor kitchen. The grill features a solid 304 stainless steel construction to ensure durability and longevity while each of the (2) heavy duty (or stainless steel U-Tube burners, rated at 20,000 BTU) to provide ultra high heat to the unique captured briquette trays. The captured briquette trays provide even radiant heat across the 780in² cooking surface and eliminate hot and cold zones as the 9mm thick stainless steel grates offer a thick gauge grilling surface for professional style grill marks. The 30-inch Alturi also features a unique Flame Thrower Ignition that shoots a burst of flame to ignite the main burners and is much more reliable than traditional spark ignition systems. The double lined, spring assisted hood keeps hot air in to ensure a consistent grilling environment complete with a built in 3-inch temperature gauge and interior halogen lighting with LED front panel lighting. In addition, the 11,000 BTU infrared back burner offers a high quality rotisserie burner for professional style rotisserie cooking and includes a storage bracket for the rotisserie spit when not in use. Available for both propane and natural gas, this built in grill ensures a complete outdoor kitchen.


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