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Gas Grill Buying Guide | How to Buy a Gas Grill

We know it's difficult to find the right gas grill for you. In the last two decades alone, our experts have tested dozens of brands, each using their own industry-specific and marketing terms. The list of features and accessories to worry about is endless, not to mention false information such as BTU count equal to heat output and all stainless steel parts are the same.

All in all, the process of buying a grill can look intimidating and very complicated. But BBQ&Fireplace Depot can help you get through the confusion and quickly find the right gas grill! Follow the brief guide below on how to buy a gas grill for an easy and enjoyable shopping experience.

Choose Your Configuration

Built-in Gas Grills

If you want to build a custom outdoor kitchen, the built-in grill is the best choice.

The built-in gas grill, also known as the grill head, is permanently installed on the kitchen island or counter.

In addition, built-in grills are often available in a full range of matching outdoor equipment and components to give the space an unified look.

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Freestanding Gas Grills

The freestanding gas grill is placed in a movable cart rather than being built into the structure.

This cart usually has a sealed storage area for fuel tanks and utensils. These grills are more mobile than the built-in units, so you can reposition your outdoor setup with little effort. Look for a freestanding grill with a side burner so you can cook side dishes or simmer your favorite sauce in Basting.

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Determine Your Gas Type

Gas grills run on either natural gas or propane, which create virtually identical results and are often similarly priced despite minor differences in composition. It’s important to be completely confident about this decision before you purchase a grill — converting from one fuel type to another should be performed only by a licensed professional, and doing so can void the warranty from certain grill brands. Because both fuels cook similarly, your decision should come down to availability and convenience.

Choose Your Grill Size

There's nothing more frustrating than having a grill that's too small when you need to cook a large amount of food. If you know a little about grilling, you know that batch grilling meat can be a real resistance.

After all, some people can't devour juicy and tasty meat fillets, while others are envious. In addition, a small grill means you sweat more than you need to, instead of enjoying the results of your work. As a rule of thumb, if you are cooking with 4 people, you need a grill with a cooking area of ​​300 square inches or more. This number should correspond to the actual cooking space.

Some manufacturers get additional storage space, such as: g. Warming rack as part of the dimensions of the cooking area. Therefore, keep this in mind when purchasing a gas grill. Headspace also plays a big role. There is no point in buying a gas grill that can't fit the entire Thanksgiving turkey under the lid.